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ok im ready to reveal myself. My name is julian Titze, jk actually its not,
shout outs and all that
lets talk about something important
80 percent of american has herpes (im really scared)
ok i really want to sleep with a nice girl tonight, like no drama, or pressure, or an image.
poem section:
bloody nubs of baby parts
sticking out of my lawn
dusty rubbing cancer hearts
invite you while im gone

don't listen or read on
this crap is drawn too long
this goes out, you know who you are
i hope you get sars, and go to the stars
i won't be happy until your gone
love don juan, long shlong

reader quize:
if you get this right and post your number and i'll congradulate you

what is hitlers middle name?

Hint: ?

anyways, hit me back, just to chat, truly yours your biggest fan
this has been an approved message by MR x
simpsons was amazing, love love love
hate love hate love hate love
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