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Has anyone played HALO 2? anyone? anyone? Im just gonna start wearing t-shirts to school now because i get so overheated in class, and last time well... it was close call i almost passed out. I ate 20 fig newtons, yeah dont pretend like you dont know them. Okay so i guess im entering the competition for the high school composition. The person who wins gets there song played at the symphony with a full orchestra if necessary and 250 bucks or something. Anyone wanna combine forces?

JOHN BRILL!!! have u ever heard a cooler man speak. I need a new computer game i beat max payne 2.

anyways four day weekend playas.

Be careful out there swt voice its really foggy tonight, shout out to woopie goldberg, and the dog in air bud.

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somethings missing
How could I live without you?


November 9 2004, 23:13:42 UTC 12 years ago

its my life
dont you forget
birdie bug?
i just saw you and im in the library but youre too busy outside being awkward to come visit me
yer breakin my heart </3 (baby?)
i retract that statement.
you saved the day with the basket.
good i hope i made up...i mean i did find the basket.
p.s. wasnt akward i came in 4 u?
ps. no it was good