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once known, then erased

Well i have to say thanks to spacy for getting me through these hard times, and sticking with me till the end. I hope no one was ever offended. Its hard to say goodbye but i have nothing left to provide you with. Swt. voice= gansta, birthvox=wisdom tree, applefighter=antidrug. Shout out to whatuppedro. ive been accused too many times to withstand my survival for online journal. I couldnt have done it without my partner in crime, my love, my balance.

The only thing that bothers me is that when im walking around on this earth i will see some of you and you will not see me. I will look at you with some familiarality, a gaze of hope. In the back of my mind hoping that for no apparent reason, you will see me. But all things are healed with time right? Yeah whatever.

Peacye, <3

roger dumpling rabbit sacue
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