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Zelda music= fucking amazing

You know the zelda from N64? Well i was throwing the ball to my dog and i guess i dozed off and started visualizing zelda. (no i didnt have the gold zelda game) Specifically the town. I cant remember the name of that fricken town, like some japanese name or something. Anyways its the town where the two guys sit under the tree and are talking rubbish. Unfortuantely i cant remember that tune, although i remember that i would always feel homesick if i heard it. (Homesick from my home in zelda, not my real house.) Also the level where you jump the bridge with epona and you go to that weird western area where you have to take out all the guards and free the people out of the jail cells. If you havent heard that song in awhile, (its starts at the point when epona jumps the bridge in slow motion) I highly suggest it.

Shout out to zelda gamers, apple sauce, vox, mario and lugi.

Arrivaderche, Lars canfeg.
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